Company Information

Baker Insurance and Financial Services is an independent insurance agency that prides itself on serving our community for over thirty years. We provide objective information to consumers and small business owners, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Our Founder

Gb office

Gilbert Baker began his work life in the family business: Bealls’ Department Stores.  He worked as a sales associate, and after graduating from Stephen F Austin State College with a business degree, he entered the management program for the growing chain of stores.  He eventually settled in as a buyer in the corporate offices.  Gilbert’s success at Bealls’ hinged on the fact that he loved people and he had a knack for figuring out what made other people tick.  His sincere interest in others made an indelible mark on them and earned him much-deserved respect that carried forward for the rest of his life.

In 1983, Gilbert broke away from Bealls’ and ventured out into a series of his own businesses, most notably what is now known as Baker Insurance Agency.  The agency dug deep roots in the community and thrived, thanks entirely to four things: 1) Gilbert’s long, hard hours, 2) his intense work ethic, 3) his understanding of people, and 4) his faith in God.  As he worked to get the business going, he called on his huge network of friends and colleagues to solicit business, and they responded overwhelmingly to pass business to him, a testimony to their trust in his character and their desire to help him as he had helped so many of them.

The business grew and more staff and more agents were welcomed into the company, including each of his three children who have worked in various capacities of the business over the years.  Even as the agency grew, the overriding philosophy was always Customer Service.  Gilbert knew his customers could buy insurance anywhere – he strived instead to build customer loyalty by providing service above and beyond the normal expectation.  He knew that by putting others first, he could succeed himself.  And he sent his customer Juicy Fruit gum on their birthdays.  He knew – little things matter!

Gilbert passed away on January 31, 2015.  He is missed daily by all who knew him – his hearty laugh, his keen observations, and his willingness to help others in any way he could.  Men like Gilbert leave a lasting legacy.  His professional legacy is a group of agents and staff who are deeply committed to the principle of people first, who want to achieve and maintain excellence, and who know that service is more than just a word.

Current Owner

Tabatha Baker Ainsworth 

I grew up in Jacksonville and graduated from Jacksonville High School and Lon Morris College. After graduating from Baylor University in 1990, I returned to Jacksonville to work with my dad, Gilbert Baker. In 1997 I left the sales side of the insurance world after marrying my husband, Randy Ainsworth. I became a work-from-home mom editing for court reporters, bookkeeping, and homeschooling our son, Hezekiah.

When my dad passed away in January 2015, I returned to Jacksonville to assume added roles with Baker Insurance Agency. I became the owner of the agency in January of 2018. I have greatly enjoyed reacquainting and serving some of the same clients as when I worked with Dad years ago. It has been a pleasure to return to Jacksonville with my family to establish our home and serve our community.